Tier 5 Visa Language Exam Package for Sportsmen and Women

Communicate well delivers bespoke exam packages for sportsmen and women who need to pass the government’s English language test for UKBA Tier 5 visa extensions. – the IELTS SELT (IELTS Life Skills Test)

Last year we were the first to prepare and enter 5 players from premiership clubs for the IELST SELT test, all of whom were successful in passing the exam.

The Tier 5 Service Includes


An initial consultation and language assessment


A recommended course of lessons, delivered by us or by your own provider.

Mock Exam

A mock exam conducted by an official examiner (known to us) at your club/training ground


Feedback on the exam and registration for a private test at a local examination centre.


The teacher accompanies the player to the exam to ensure the test experience is straightforward


Delivery of the certificate direct to you within 7 days.