English for Footballers

Communicate Well has been providing English language training for foreign players in the Premiership since 1999. Courses can cover football English to support training and playing in the UK along with general English in order to live, and settle in to life here. Lessons can also be exam-focused with a specific end goal and with an education plan for international clearance. Our programmes are recognised by FIFA and the Premier League.


Lessons can take place at a Club Training Ground, at a player’s home or ‘out and about’, engaging in real-life tasks in English, making language learning as relevant as possible. This is the individual decision of the player or the club. We fully respect confidentiality in all matters.


Communicate Well has also been providing lessons for players’ families since 1999. A dedicated teacher is allocated to partners, parents or children to oversee the transition into life in the UK in terms of language learning and the process of settling in and understanding how things ‘work’ here. We can support children with school work as they make the step into an English-speaking school environment and help parents to understand the different requirements of KS1, KS2 or GCSE and A Levels for example. 


Lessons are flexible and the schedule is agreed between teacher and client so it is not necessary to attend lessons every day as in a language school. One to one lessons where confidence can be gained and specific needs targeted are a valuable step in the language learning process and can be a very useful way of preparing for the more social experience of a group language course later on. We are also happy for lessons to be put on hold when family visit or during periods of international duty when players and their families may be away.