About us

After 15 years experience in the language services industry Lizzie Hider founded Communicate Well to fill a gap in training provision as it existed. Although a number of language providers claimed to offer a ‘bespoke’ service to their clients, she noticed that clients continued to request training programmes that were designed much more precisely around their personal needs. It became clear that even those language courses which described themselves as ‘tailor-made’ in their promotional material, were little more than ‘one size fits all’ courses with a limited degree of flexibility introduced at a price. It also became clear that clients were becoming frustrated with this restrictive type of service.

In the knowledge of how much time was being wasted with a standardized approach, Communicate Well was set up to provide a properly ‘bespoke’ alternative. It now provides training delivered by experienced teachers with the expertise and confidence to work outside set-format courses.

At Communicate Well we appreciate the commitment that our clients give to language training, and our goal is to get the results you require as quickly as possible. We work within any deadlines and encourage our clients to strive to attain the most challenging targets as a matter of course. We are proud that we continue to maintain strong links with all our clients who continue to value our very personal care.

Communicate Well has longstanding relationships with clients from Premiership football clubs, the oil industry, the travel industry, IT, the legal industry and academic institutions. We respect our clients’ confidentiality in all matters. For information on our expertise relating to our client base please contact us.